Commitment to quality

What started out as a compassionate goal for saving the environment has evolved into a passionate pursuit for innovation and design.

In 1994, Jamie Bailey, co-owner and co-founder of C.R. Plastic Products Inc., started manufacturing recycled plastic furniture in an effort to divert used plastic away from landfills, and limit unnecessary felling of trees.

Our Material Rich, Lasting Colour, Guaranteed

Our advanced moulded extrusion process developed by Jamie Bailey produces a material like no other. This ‘lumber’ is used to make every piece of furniture we do. Our material has the same warmth, and grain finish as wood, yet it is vastly superior in many ways. Unlike wood, our extruded lumber will not rot, split, or crack. The 7/8” material gives the furniture its solid, lifetime structure. Tested in 10-years of Arizona UV spectrum, the rich colours last for generations. With beautiful, solid colour finish there is no need to ever paint or stain these pieces. Being crafted from recycled plastic means these pieces are completely water resistant. Our material maintains its form in all weather conditions. Our furniture never needs to be stored indoors adding another level of comfort and convenience to your lifetime ownership.

These are the highest quality products, suitable for all applications, please call us for more details on 0203 865 1427